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Top Dog Parks near your Energy Corridor Townhomes

Part of being a most pet-friendly community of Energy Corridor townhomes means telling residents where to go when their dog is ready to explore beyond our onsite dog park. We have lots of residents who exclusively take their dog to the Alexan Ashford dog park, and we can’t blame them for taking advantage of the convenience that this particular amenity offers. However, we understand that some dogs need a little more space to roam.


That’s why this week’s blog post is all about the best dog parks in the neighborhood around your Memorial apartments. We’re lucky to live in an area that offers some of the most expensive dog parks in Houston, and we’re equally lucky to live in such a pet-friendly city. If you’ve ever brought your dog to one of the many...

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3 Best Coffee shops near our Memorial Apartments

There are plenty of great coffee shops near our community of Memorial apartments, you just have to know where to look! The staff here at Alexan Ashford is happy to help our residents find the very best coffee in the...

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3 Top Travel Apps from your Energy Corridor Townhomes

Welcome to the second and final blog post of June from your Energy Corridor luxury townhomes. In today’s post, we’re talking about the best travel apps of 2017.


Perhaps no industry has...

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3 Best Restaurants near your Memorial Apartments

For new residents at our community of Memorial apartments, the first few weeks after move-in are usually filled with tedious tasks like unpacking boxes, organizing shelves and assembling IKEA furniture. Moving into a...

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Pro Tips for Dining near your West Houston Apartments

Pro Tips for Dining near your West Houston Apartments

In the previous blog from Alexan Ashford West Houston apartments, we told residents about some of the best burger joints in town. If you enjoyed that post and took our advice to try some of those restaurants, your...

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