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Your West Houston Apartments Do Brunch

Living in Alexan Ashford means that you’re used to a little bit of class in your life. After all, these are the preferred Memorial apartments for luxury living. With that in mind, you should also have in-depth knowledge of the most upscale meal of the day; brunch.


Houston is one of the country’s great brunch cities because of the immense variety of international cuisine available in every neighborhood. You don’t have to eat breakfast tacos every day, although you certainly can. To help you decide on a meal, we’ve put together a list of restaurants that serve everything from South African to Brazilian brunch.


Get some friends together, grab your sunglasses and enjoy your Sunday Funday at one of these top-tier Houston brunch spots. Here...

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Look No Further, for Houston Luxury Apartment Floor Plans

When someone gets to the point of having to find a new apartment community to live within, they look for luxury apartment communities first. This is generally because of the large amount of benefits that are given to...

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Roses, Candlelight, Romance…and Murder!

Valentine’s Day slowly closes in on the horizon: the time for new romances to blossom between shared interests and chocolates, old couples to reaffirm their love for each other, walking hand in hand together as...

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A Fun Resort, In or Out

Let’s face it: Texas isn’t exactly known for its consistency when it comes to the weather – with the exception of summertime, when it’s almost guaranteed to be hot. Thanks to the La Nina this year, the temperature will fluctuate between the warm breezes from the western currents and the sudden cold blasts that blow in from the north…all within the same week. That being said, it’d...

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A Nest with a Nest

When looking for an apartment to live in, there are plenty of basics that everyone looks for: how much room an apartment offers in comparison to how much it costs, whether the complex continues to upkeep the flats they rent with cleanliness (after all, no one wants to share their home with rodents or insects) and sturdy, if not modern, amenities, and how much extra each apartment and/or...

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