3 Top Travel Apps from your Energy Corridor Townhomes

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Welcome to the second and final blog post of June from your Energy Corridor luxury townhomes. In today’s post, we’re talking about the best travel apps of 2017.


Perhaps no industry has benefitted more from apps than the travel industry. There’s just so much to keep track of and remember when you’re traveling, that it’s highly likely that you forget something. Just like smartphone have made work easier, they’re now making vacations easier as well.



These are the best travel apps for residents of our Energy Corridor townhomes who like to get out and explore the world every once in awhile. Or, for our residents who simply have to travel for work. We welcome both kinds of travelers! The apps below can help you keep track of your itinerary, pack for your trip, and plan activities based on the weather. Technology is a wonderful thing, and as much as it keeps you busy, it can also help you relax on a nice long vacation.

Google Trips


Although most of the world owns an iPhone, the Google Pixel is rising fast as a suitable alternative. It helps that Google has come out with tons of new features for their products, such as Google Assistant and now, Google Trips. You can download Google Trips for other phones, of course, but it doesn’t work as seamlessly. Either way, the app is awesome because it can pull useful trip information from your Gmail inbox and put it into a folder on your phone. You’ll have all your plane ticket info, hotel info, and other travel documents in one convenient place. You don’t even have to assemble the folder yourself; just download the app and let it get to work.





Imagine the process you go through when trying to find a flight online. You enter your destination, the dates you want to travel, the length of your trip, and click a button. The travel site then tells you which flights to buy. Packpoint is like that, but instead of telling you which flights to buy, it tells you which clothes to pack.


Packpoint is really simple to use. All you do is download the app, enter the dates of travel, destination, and some of the activities you plan on doing while on the trip. Packpoint will then give you some general guidelines for the types of clothes you need to pack, and how many of each thing you’ll need to bring. It’s a great alternative to the old method of writing a packing list, forgetting things, and having to buy them later.




This is the most highly-rated and most widely used non-free weather app in any of the app stores. It’s used by over 1.5 billion people currently, and gives you the most accurate weather information available. While some apps might just tell you the chance of rain, Accuweather tells you exactly when it will rain, and how much you can expect. It’s great for when you’re debating whether to walk or drive somewhere. You can check the app, and it will tell you if it’s going to start raining in 20 minutes then stop 10 minutes later, or how hard it will be raining and for how long.


Once again, we’d like to thank you all for reading the latest edition of the Alexan Ashford blogs. We hope all your travels go smoothly, and that these apps help make the travel planning process a little more enjoyable. Check this page again in a couple weeks for another informative blog post from Alexan Ashford. While you wait, be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss a single update from your favorite Memorial apartments.

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