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Unreal Turkey Day Recipes from your Memorial Apartments

Whether you’re hosting friendsgiving at Alexan Ashford Memorial apartments or traveling across the country to eat dinner with your extended family, you’ll need to bring a dish. This week’s recipes are a little more complicated than buying a box of stuffing from the store, but we think they’re worth it. After all, would you rather give someone a compliment on their cooking or be the one getting all the compliments? We thought so.


These recipes won’t be easy, but they will get the job done if your goal is to impress your family at your Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, this is the best time of year to spend a good chunk of your day cooking. Throw on some music, prep your kitchen, and spend a relaxing afternoon or evening in your Energy Corridor luxury townhomes...

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interview memorial apartments

2017 Interview Advice from your Memorial Apartments

Your favorite community of Memorial apartments is back with another helpful post for our residents, and this one’s all about helping you nail your next interview.


Are you someone who gets...

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memorial apartments bread

Quick and Easy Meal Tips from your Memorial Apartments

There are a few simple ways to improve your experience when cooking for yourself or others at your Energy Corridor townhomes. You don’t have to invest in fancy tool or shop at upscale health food stores to become a...

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happy hour memorial apartments

Happy Hour Deals near your Energy Corridor Apartments

Some residents of our community of Energy Corridor apartments like to come home and do nothing all night. We get that, because who wants to be social after spending an entire day around people at the office?...

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ice cream memorial apartments

Coldest Ice Cream Shops near your Memorial Apartments

Next time you step outside your Energy Corridor luxury townhomes, take note of the weather. Houston has finally reached that sweet spot where it’s not too cold nor too warm. Well, it’s still warm, but at...

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