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Coldest Ice Cream Shops near your Memorial Apartments

Next time you step outside your Energy Corridor luxury townhomes, take note of the weather. Houston has finally reached that sweet spot where it’s not too cold nor too warm. Well, it’s still warm, but at least it’s not too warm. We like to refer to this temperature as ice cream weather. Don’t tell your friends in the northern part of the country about ice cream weather, because they’ll get incredibly jealous that we have fall weather that’s worthy of a name like “Ice Cream Weather.”


Ice cream weather is when it’s hot enough that an ice cream cone sounds appealing, but not so hot that it melts in your hand. We get this weather a lot in Houston, just not during the summer months. We’ve reached peak ice cream weather season, and we want...

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Awesome New Restaurants near your Memorial Apartments

Every once in awhile, we all get the urge to leave our Energy Corridor luxury townhomes for the night and spend our evening at a restaurant. It’s hard to commit to cooking every night, and there’s no shame in...

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New Netflix Countdown from your Memorial Apartments

Many residents of Alexan Ashford Energy Corridor townhomes are looking forward to long nights of Netflix this fall and winter. It doesn’t get so cold here that you have to bury yourself under blankets and stay on...

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Tips for Keeping your Memorial Apartments Organized

Organizing your Energy Corridor luxury townhomes doesn’t have to be the awful chore that you think it’ll be. Even if you hate the idea of cleaning and organizing, you know that you’ll feel stress-free and a...

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Networking Tips from your Energy Corridor Townhomes

Welcome to another edition of the Alexan Ashford blog. In this post from your Memorial apartments, we’re talking about networking. Believe it or not, networking isn’t just something that college students have to...

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