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We know that residents of our Energy Corridor luxury townhomes work hard. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be living in one of the most luxurious apartment communities in the Energy Corridor. When you work hard for your paycheck, you’re much more careful about how you spend it than you would be if someone had just handed you a couple thousand dollars. In this week’s blog post, we’re going to provide our residents with a list of local Houston business that are worth spending your money at.


When you put your money into local businesses, you make the Houston area a better place. By purchasing local products and services, you’re helping put food on the business owner’s table at home. You’re helping his or her kids buy school supplies. You’re helping them buy the gas that they need to get to work every day. In a sense, buying local is like donating to a local charity, except you get a product or service for your money instead of a tax write-off.


Houston is a city of immigrants, second-generation Americans and transplants from other parts of the country. This area around our Energy Corridor townhomes is growing fast, and we’ll soon be living in the third largest city in America. If you’re still buying from national retailers, you’re not taking advantage of the plethora of incredible local businesses that are worth supporting.


Below, you’ll find a list of local Houston business that donate time and profits to worthwhile causes. If you’re going to spend your money, you might as well spend it at a business that’s making the world a better place.


Plant It Forward Farms


As we mentioned earlier, Houston is a city of immigrants. Some of these immigrants are refugees who may not have the skills necessary to quickly get hired for most jobs. Plant it Forward Farms helps these people out by providing them with work on a farm that’s located within the city limits. The food that these refugees product and harvest is then sold to local restaurants and at farmers markets. So, Plant it Forward Farms actually helps two different groups; the city of Houston — by providing locally sourced produce — and the refugees — by providing them with work and liveable wages.


The Rec Room


Massive cities like Houston are filled with highly creative people that are attracted to the city’s energy. The Rec Room is an outlet for these creative types. It’s a space that hosts performances like plays, musicals, comedy acts, concerts and more. The owners of the Rec Room hope to provide Houston creatives with a space to collaborate, but they also recently added a bar so the rest of us can enjoy ourselves while we watch.


Finca Tres Robles


Although the name of this urban farm may seem hard to pronounce, the mission is quite simple; disrupt the local produce industry. Finca Tres Robles means “Three Oaks Farm.” This urban farming community is located on Houston’s east side, and they’re challenging people to buy local by selling their product at a fraction of the cost of the big farms.


Thank you all for taking some time out of your busy August schedules to read the latest edition of the Alexan Ashford blogs. We’re always trying to help our residents live better, and a major part of living a high quality life is paying attention to the business that your money supports. If you enjoyed this week’s blog, we encourage you to check this page again next week when we post our new informative blog post. Also, remember to follow Alexan Ashford on social media. There’s no better way to keep yourself informed about everything happening at your community of Memorial apartments.

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