Top Dog Parks near your Energy Corridor Townhomes

dog parks energy corridor townhomes

Part of being a most pet-friendly community of Energy Corridor townhomes means telling residents where to go when their dog is ready to explore beyond our onsite dog park. We have lots of residents who exclusively take their dog to the Alexan Ashford dog park, and we can’t blame them for taking advantage of the convenience that this particular amenity offers. However, we understand that some dogs need a little more space to roam.


That’s why this week’s blog post is all about the best dog parks in the neighborhood around your Memorial apartments. We’re lucky to live in an area that offers some of the most expensive dog parks in Houston, and we’re equally lucky to live in such a pet-friendly city. If you’ve ever brought your dog to one of the many dog-friendly bars and restaurants in the Houston area, you know what we mean.


It seems everyone in town has a dog or knows someone with one, and we’re proud to be just as pet-friendly as the rest of Houston. In fact, we’ve heard many residents say that they’re more likely to get a dog after seeing how easy it is to take care of a pet at Alexan Ashford. After all, not only do we provide residents with a safe place to let their pets roam around, we also provide them with an onsite Pet Spa.


You’ll definitely want to take advantage of the Alexan Ashford Pet Spa after taking your pup to one of the outdoorsy, adventurous dog parks listed below. Check out the list of parks in this week’s blog, and be sure to share this post with your pet-owning neighbors!

Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park


You’ll love this dog park for the friendly people, the wide open space and the uniquely styled swimming holes. You might not notice it while you’re there, but both the swimming ponds at Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park are shaped like doggie bones. The cute swimming ponds are just an added bonus at this dog park, which has been called one of the best in all of Houston.


Terry Hershey Park


We’d be surprised if any of you readers have never been to Terry Hershey park. After all, it’s just down the road from Alexan Ashford. Sometimes, the closest park is the best park, and you might find that to be true if you visit Terry Hershey park. This green space is great for owners and pets alike, as there are plenty of paved hiking and biking trails for owners to explore while their pup gets some exercise. Plus, every water fountain has a doggy water fountain attached!


Millie Bush Dog Park


This dog park is a little farther away than the two we previously mentioned, but with three swimming holes and three different dog-washing stations, it’s definitely worth the trip. People on Yelp love how much space this park has, and they rave about the dog showers and water bowls that are available at Millie Bush dog park
As always, we thank you for taking some time out of your hectic summer schedule to check out the latest edition of the Alexan Ashford blog. If you end up going to one of the dog parks on this list, we hope the experience is as good as advertised. For those of you who enjoyed this post and want to see more like it, we’ll be posting another blog in a couple weeks. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with everything happening at your community of Energy Corridor luxury townhomes by following us on social media. It pays to stay informed!

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