Easy Day Trips from your Memorial Apartments

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Here at Alexan Ashford, we take pride in helping residents of our Memorial apartments live their best life. Our ideal location in Houston affords residents the opportunity to see everything that city has to offer, which is plenty. Sometimes, however, we understand that you just have to get out of town for awhile. Texas a large state, but you can usually find anything you want within reasonable driving distance of our West Houston apartments.


These are some convenient, manageable day trips that you can take from Houston without spending a fortune on gasoline. Although, this is Houston, so everyone spending a fortune on gasoline is really helping out the local economy. Nonetheless, take a look at the list below and start planning your next day trip ASAP!




You probably know about (or used to know about) the battle of Lexington, Massachusetts. That’s where the “Shot Heard ‘Round The World” was fired to start the American Revolution. Well, Gonzales, Texas is where the “Shot Heard ‘Round Texas” was fired. Okay, no one calls it that, but this was the site of the first gunshots that started the Texas Revolution. That famous “Come and Take It” cannon was kept in Gonzales, and the 18 townspeople refused to return it to the Mexican government. The original flag was actually made out of a Gonzales woman’s wedding dress.


Today, you can drive two-and-a-half hours from Houston to visit the Gonzales Museum and learn about the history of the revolution. Alternatively, you can have a more modern experience at the Gonzales Food Market. Although, even the food market is held in a city square that honors the men who sacrificed their lives in the revolution.  


Washington on the Brazos


Texas just celebrated the 181st anniversary of the signing of the declaration of Texas independence. The famous document was signed in Washington on the Brazos, a 293 acre riverside park. The visitor center has plenty of exhibits, memorabilia and other information about the signing of the declaration and the subsequent period of time when Texas was it’s own republic.


Texas City


The main attraction in Texas City is the five mile-long pier that stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. The Dike levee, as it’s called, is actually the world’s largest man-made pier. Texas City visitors can fish, picnic or just go for a stroll along the pier, just be sure to wear some sunscreen and a hat. The Gulf of Mexico sun is unforgiving when you’re on a slab of concrete in the middle of the ocean.


Texas City has a couple other attractions if the weather isn’t cooperating. You can visit the Texas City Museum or tour the extremely old homes. Some of the homes in Texas City were originally settlements for the first anglo-american settlers to come to Texas.


Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge


The Texas government has set aside more than 34,000 protected acres of natural gulf coast land, and you can’t fully appreciate Texas until you check it out. Living in a big city like Houston can get a little hectic at times, and you’ll forget that there’s a whole natural world out there if you don’t stop and check it out every once in awhile. At Anahuac, you can see alligators, hear hundreds of species of birds, and hike through beautiful coastal prairie land.
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