How to Sleep Better at your Dairy Ashford Apartments

sleep dairy ashford apartments

sleep dairy ashford apartments


How refreshed do you feel when you wake up every morning in your apartments on Dairy Ashford? In an ideal world, every Alexan Ashford resident would wake up feeling as though they just slept for 12 hours. However, we know that isn’t always the case. People lead busier lives than ever, and sleep sometimes takes a backseat to other obligations. This is unfortunate, because sleep affects every other part of our lives. When we don’t sleep well, our work suffers. Our relationships suffer. Sometimes, our health begins to suffer. If there’s one thing that you should prioritize over everything else, it’s sleep!


In the blog post below, we’ll be sharing a list of tips that you can use to get a better night’s sleep while living at Alexan Ashford. We’re not going to ask you to change your entire lifestyle to accomodate a new sleep schedule. Instead, we’ll tell you about a few small things you can do that will help you actually feel tired at night when you want to feel tired.


Let’s get right to the list of tips, shall we? Oh, and when you’re done reading through the post below, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends. Better yet, go ahead and share them with your neighbors at your community of apartments near Dairy Ashford!


If you must snack at night, eat almonds


In general, it’s not a great idea to eat before bed. If you do feel the urge to snack after dinner, however, try to add almonds to the mix. We recommend almonds because they contain the sleep regulating hormone melatonin. In addition to melatonin, almonds also contain plenty of magnesium. Magnesium can really help out if you’re dealing with insomnia. So, grab some almonds next time you’re at the grocery store and stop feeling bad about your late night snacking.


Cut off the caffeine after lunch


We know that the late afternoon cold brew coffee is a tempting pick-me-up, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by consuming caffeine that late in the day. While the caffeine might help you get through the rest of your day, it will also cause you to lie awake at night staring up at the ceiling wondering why you can’t fall asleep.


Take a cold shower before bed


When you start to get tired at the end of the day, your body starts to cool down. In fact, your body can’t fall asleep until it cools down. If you want to help your body cool down faster — and thus fall asleep faster — you can take a cold shower before bed. This will speed up the process and help you avoid that feeling of helplessness when you’re lying awake at night!


We’ve run out of sleep tips to share with y’all this week, but we’ll be back next week with a blog post about our favorite Halloween recipes! We’d like to thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this week’s post, and we hope that you’ll check back in a couple weeks when our next post goes live on the website. In the meantime, we hope you use the tips above to get a better night’s sleep while living at Alexan Ashford!


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