Movies to Watch For — From your Memorial Apartments

There are plenty of movies coming out this fall that are worth leaving your Memorial apartments for. Sure, you’ll have to leave your couch and go sit in a freezing cold theatre, but have you been outside lately? A cold theatre doesn’t sound so bad. Plus, movie theatre seats are more comfortable than ever. Sure, the theatre might also be more expensive than ever before, but at least the seats lean back.


The movie theatre might be getting more expensive, but going to the theatre is still a favorite American pastime. There’s something about the smell of popcorn, the sound of the soda coming through the straw, and the feeling you get when the lights go down, that just gets you excited for the movies.


Check out the list of upcoming releases, presented by the Energy Corridor luxury townhomes that Houston residents prefer.


Brad’s Status — September 15th

Starring: Ben Stiller, Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson


The plot of Brad’s Status isn’t a new idea, by any means, but with actors this good, maybe it doesn’t have to be. In this film, Ben Still plays a father who’s taking his college-aged kid on tours of Universities on the East Coast. When he gets there, however, he has to deal with all of his old friends, most of whom are now far wealthier and more successful than himself. For instance, one of his friends is played by Luke Wilson, whose character started a hedge fund. Jenna Fischer plays Stiller’s wife in the film, and the whole crew of actors is good enough to make this film worth seeing.


Blade Runner: 2049

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Dave Bautista, Robin Wright, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto


The original Blade Runner from the 1980s is an absolute classic, and although this film waited nearly 40 years to come out, it promises to be a hit — just look at that star-studded cast! Ryan Gosling plays a young blade runner who learns of a long-kept secret. We won’t’ reveal anymore than that (and that wasn’t much to reveal), but you should definitely watch the trailer to get amped up about Blade Runner: 2049. Also, if you haven’t seen the first Blade Runner, now is the perfect time to watch it. Most people had to wait forever between when they saw the first Blade Runner and when they see the next one, but you’ll only have to wait about a month.


Insidious: Chapter 4


The first Insidious movie was one of the scariest/best horror films to be released in quite some time. It had all the jumps of Paranormal Activity without any of the gimmicky camera work, and all the understated spookiness of The Blair Witch Project with, again, none of that shaky camera stuff. Chapter 4 does have an all new cast, but to be fair, it’s rare for a horror movie series to last this long. This film is actually a prelude to the first Insidious film. It shows how one of the main characters first became haunted in her youth, growing up in New Mexico. Fair warning — you will probably never want to travel to New Mexico after seeing this film.


Thanks for reading this week’s blog post! We’re happy to help our residents stay on top of the latest movie releases. Whether you’re a horror fan, an 80s movie fan, or just a fan of Ben Stiller’s work, we hope you enjoy the films! If you liked this post and want to read more similiar posts, please check this page again in a few weeks. Also, be sure to follow Alexan Ashford on social media to stay informed about everything happening at your Memorial apartments.

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