Pro Tips for Dining near your West Houston Apartments

Pro Tips for Dining near your West Houston Apartments

In the previous blog from Alexan Ashford West Houston apartments, we told residents about some of the best burger joints in town. If you enjoyed that post and took our advice to try some of those restaurants, your wallet and workout plan might have both taken a hit. That’s okay, because Alexan Ashford has a beautiful, well-equipped fitness center where you can sweat out all the calories you accumulated from eating all those greasy burgers and fries. However, it might take a little more work to replenish your bank account.


Of course, we all have to eat, and most of us would rather go to a restaurant than eat at home at the end of a long workday. One big advantage of living in a community of luxurious Energy Corridor apartments is having easy access to some of the best restaurants in the area.


You know you’re going to go out to eat a lot. After all, you live in Houston! Here are some ways to save money when you eat out, so you can enjoy the restaurant experience without feeling guilty about it afterwards.


Tip #1. The early bird eats for less


Happy hour usually lasts until about 7:00 at most Houston restaurants, but it rarely goes any later than that. If you can get home and get out the door early enough, you can take advantage of discounts on dinner. You know how you always avoid ordering an appetizer in an effort to keep your meal within budget? Well, you can order all the appetizers you want when you make it to the restaurant in time for happy hour. Plus, you’ll be back home at a reasonable hour. If you’re thinking about going out to eat tonight, make it an early meal.


TIp #2. Check Groupon before you start your weekend


Groupon and similar coupon sites are a great resource that most people know about, but few people take the time to utilize. Not only do you get great discounts on meals for two people, you can also expand your knowledge about Houston restaurants. New restaurants often have deals on Groupon, as do restaurants that many people haven’t heard about. Instead of going to the same old restaurant for your next meal, give Groupon a try and discover your new favorite eatery.


Tip #3. Just say no…to appetizers.


Waiters and waitresses are trained to try to convince you to order an appetizer. The more money they get out of you, the higher their tip will be. It’s hard to say no to them, too! There’s just something about the way they phrase their suggestions that makes you want to cave and order the queso dip or the basket of fries. However, learning to say no those suggestions will help you not only save money, but also enjoy your main entree that much more.


Tip #4. Decide to save leftovers at the before you dig in


The best way to save money when you go out to eat is to save some leftovers. Those leftovers can be your lunch for the next day at work, which will help you feel like you actually made a budget-friendly decision by going out to eat. Try asking your waiter or waitress for a to-go box right when your meal arrives, then put half the meal in there.
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