Roses, Candlelight, Romance…and Murder!

Valentine’s Day slowly closes in on the horizon: the time for new romances to blossom between shared interests and chocolates, old couples to reaffirm their love for each other, walking hand in hand together as they had for many months or even years, and for singles to spend one more day hoping that love will eventually find them in their lives. While feelings for the passionate holiday are rather mixed, much like any situation dealing with human emotion, there’s no denying its strong influence on our culture. However, rather than pursing the standard dinner-and-movie date with accompanying roses and chocolates no doubt everyone will try on the 14th, why not try something new and spark your mind along with your heart, with a mystery that’ll both make you laugh, interact, and enjoy delicious meals on the house?

Approximately 45 minutes away from Alexan Ashford luxury apartments, Murder by Chocolate is the ultimate theater and dinner venue, no matter the time of year. With various weekly events such as the exhilarating Outta Time escape room – where friends work together to solve a puzzle before time runs out, the Whodunnit Dessert where you experience late night hands on sleuthing along with delectable desserts and savory beverages, and of course the Mystery Dinner Theater, complete with comedy, fun, and with a three course Italian dinner.

On Saturday, February 11th at 6pm and Tuesday, February 14th at 7pm, Murder by Chocolate will host a special Romantic Valentines Dinner Theater, which includes a lovely rose and chocolate covered strawberries for every couple in attendance. Tickets are approximately $130 per couple ($65 per person,) and also include a three course meal from Carrabbas Italian Grill, a choice from five different desserts, and full on interaction in the family friendly mystery.

So make your Valentine’s a date to remember this year. Visit Alexan Ashford apartments to take a tour of our luxury suites and experience all the romance and fun around, such as Murder by Chocolate, when you move in today.

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