Turning your Memorial Apartments into Smart Apartments

If you’re an in-the-know resident of Alexan Ashford Memorial apartments, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz lately about “smart-home technology.” Depending on your feelings about technology, it either sounds like a great way to make your life easier, or a scary step towards the robot revolution.


Most of us fall more into the first line of thinking, which is why the smart-home technology industry is booming right now. Lucky for us, renters can get in on the phone too. Smart-technology doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it’s still widely available. You can add a lot of technology to your apartment without making any permanent changes to the unit.


In this week’s post, we’ll be discussing four different pieces of technology that you can use to add a little 21st century convenience to your Energy Corridor townhomes. We’re not talking about installing new blinds that go up and down on command, or changing the locks on your door to locks that you can control with your voice, but we do have some simple solutions for you. As a renter, you can’t change too many things in your apartment, but the smart-home tech industry has evolved to the point where even renters can get in on the fun.


Smart Light Bulbs


The first thing you should buy for your home — if you’re thinking about getting involved in the smart-home craze — is a pack of smart bulbs. All it takes to activate them is to twist them into your lamp. Once that’s done, you can turn them on from your smartphone, or use your phone’s sensors to have the bulbs turn on when you walk in the room. Plus, these particular bulbs change hues — another feature that can be activated from your phone.


Smart Power Outlets


If you want to turn some of your older appliances/tools into features of your smart home, these smart power-outlet switches can do just that. These work for anything that you turn on by just plugging it in, like a hair curler, or a speaker. With this smart power outlet switch, you can leave those things plugged in at all times, and use the smart power outlet to turn them on and off from your phone. This is especially useful when you leave the house and you’re not sure if you unplugged the curling iron


Amazon Echo Dot


The Echo Dot is just a mini-version of the Amazon Echo that comes with Alexa technology. It’s the perfect cooking companion, as it lets you play music, set timers, ask questions and more — all with just your voice. You can buy multiple Dots and put them in different rooms in your house, too. Once you have an Echo, you’ll be one step closer to having a full smart-home setup.


Smart Camera


If you have a pet, it can be really fun to get a smart camera that you can view from your phone while you’re away. This camera is especially useful if you have a pet-sitter, a babysitter, or a maid. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes from having a camera in your house, especially one that lets you view its’ feed from anywhere on your smartphone.
Those products should get you started, residents! Thanks for reading this week’s blog post about smart-home technology. We hope your life will start getting a little easier once you start using these products. If you’re interested in reading more posts like this one, please be sure to check this page again in couple weeks. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date with everything happening at your community of Energy corridor luxury townhomes.

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