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Living in Alexan Ashford means that you’re used to a little bit of class in your life. After all, these are the preferred Memorial apartments for luxury living. With that in mind, you should also have in-depth knowledge of the most upscale meal of the day; brunch.


Houston is one of the country’s great brunch cities because of the immense variety of international cuisine available in every neighborhood. You don’t have to eat breakfast tacos every day, although you certainly can. To help you decide on a meal, we’ve put together a list of restaurants that serve everything from South African to Brazilian brunch.


Get some friends together, grab your sunglasses and enjoy your Sunday Funday at one of these top-tier Houston brunch spots. Here are 4 restaurants in Houston that serve the city’s best midday meals, courtesy of your favorite West Houston apartments.


Peli Peli Kitchen

Brunch Hours: 11am to 4pm


Make your next brunch outing bold by trying the spicy, flavorful South African cuisine at Peli Peli. Their most frequently recommended dish on Yelp is the Cape Town Seafood Skillet, which comes piled high with prawns, calamari, scallops and shrimp. They also have a wide variety of various eggs benedict dishes, steak sandwiches and plenty of traditional South African food that you won’t recognize, but will enjoy. Of course, you won’t have to eat internationally if you don’t want to. Some may choose to play it safe by ordering the deep fried waffles, covered in bacon and fried eggs. We certainly won’t hold it against you.


Tradicao Steakhouse

Brunch Hours: 11am to 3pm


An exciting Brazilian brunch awaits you at Tradicao, where $20 gets you access to a number of different brunch meats and a full salad bar. If you’re famished, you can upgrade to the Signature 15 Cut Menu for $39. That will give you access to bacon-wrapped scallops, lamb chops, beef ribs and more. Drinks, skewered meats and desserts will cost you extra, but Tradicao makes it all worth it with their donation program: $3 of every Sunday brunch meal is donated to the Houston Food Bank.


Adair Kitchen

Brunch Hours: Whenever you want


This restaurant is impressive from every angle, but especially online. Check out their website then just try to resist a trip here for your next weekend brunch. The Instagram potential at Adair Kitchen is off the charts.


Now, let’s get to the food. Reviewers recommend the egg croissant with feta (yum!) and of course, the breakfast tacos. The difference between Adair Kitchen and most other brunch spots in Houston is the fact that their food is actually relatively healthy. This is a cute little spot in the Galleria area where you can dine, snap pics and generally enjoy your Sunday brunch.


Brennan’s of Houston

Brunch Hours: 11am to 2pm on Saturday, 10am to 2pm on Sunday


If you have nothing else at Brennan’s, you must try the Eggs Sardou. It’s a classic Bayou dish composed of poached eggs, spinach, artichoke hearts and hollandaise. A forkful of this meal on the gorgeous Brennan’s patio should be the highlight of anyone’s Sunday.


Brennan’s has some unique quirks too, like the complimentary blueberry muffins served before every meal, similar to the bread you get at Italian restaurants. Brennan’s keeps it classy, so men are required to wear jackets and the interior decorations will make you feel a little out of place if you aren’t at least wearing business casual. Next time you need to class up your Sunday, head to Brennan’s and eat like the upper crust.
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